New Car Protection Detail

Please contact us for a quote and to discuss various options to protect your brand new vehicle and to achieve the ultimate levels of correction and protection. 

Don't be ripped off by poorly applied dealership protection that are applied in minimal time in poor conditions and using very substandard products. 


A detailer will spend 1-3 days on your vehicle treating your pride and joy as our own chasing absolute perfection and prepping the vehicle to give the best possible protection available. 

All our protective coatings are from IGL which are the market leaders in the vehicle protective coating market.


This package includes a complete vehicle inspection to find any imperfections. All defects removed via machine polishing stages and then a choice of protection is applied which you have a choice of 6 months, 1 year, 2 year, 3 year and then the flagship 5 year KENZO protection


This package can take anything from 1-3  days to achieve the best possible results on your new pride and joy.

We do prefer for customers to request the car to arrive untouched by the dealership with packaging etc left on to prevent any damage being inflicted on the vehicle and potential of swirls being inflicted into the paint. Please note that the machine polishing for this package is designed as a gloss enhancement/jeweling of the paint with the potential to remove very light swirling or marring that you can find on new vehicles. 


IGL poly ecocoat -  1 year protection - Total package price from  £400

IGL Quartz - 2 year protection - Total package price £450

IGL Quartz+ - 3 year protection - Total package price £500

IGL Kenzo - 5 year protection - Total package price £650

These coating are backed by a registered warranty by IGL.

Learn more about these coatings in the IGL coatings tab above 

In the rare occurrence the paint has more imperfections than what is classed as normal this will be discussed with the customer before commencing to make sure the desired results are acheived

Other coatings available to add to this package are 


- Hydrophobic glass coating 2 year
- Ceramic wheel protection - faces or complete wheel
- Leather protective coating 
- Fabric guard treatments 
- Convertible roof hydrophobic protection
 -Plastic trim coating