Detailing services

Welcome to the studio based detailing packages page. Looking for a simple paint enhancement or major paint correction machine polishing your paint to perfection?


Ceramic paint protection, Self healing paint protection film? Prestige has a fully equipped state of the art, fully insured, 24 hour CCTV studio in the city centre of Derby to give the absolute pinnacle in luxury car care.


Anything from a full day right up to the Prestige Signature week long detail. Doesn't matter the car or the package - every vehicle is treated equally with care and attention to give the best results. Brand new, exotic, classic or even your  pride and joy work van- they have all been through the studio doors!

Working closely with various companies to bring the best in professional coatings and equipment makes sure that at Prestige you will always be getting the pinnacle in luxury car care and protection. 


We have had customers travel all over the UK to have work carried out by Prestige. Quality work is worth travelling for on your pride and joy but we have also carried packages out all over the UK and even Belgium and Ireland! We understand some customers vehicles can be too difficult to move around with classic and luxury vehicles so if you have to space and facility's we can travel.

Single day enhancement detail

Single day enhancehement detail which will include-

Full exterior decontamination including claybarring and fallout removal.

Machine polish enhancement which will enhance your vehicles gloss and give very light defect removal. (Please note this is very dependant on current condition and isnt classed as a correction but a gloss enhancement)

IGL premier 6 month paint sealant over paintwork and alloys topped with IGL enhancer.

IGL Window ceramic coating which lasts up to 18months. Fantastic for driving in rain and also makes ice removal much easier.

Usual tyre and trim dressings

Light interior detail

Options for upgrade to 2 year ceramic wheel protection £60 (faces only for this package) and hydrophobic coatings for soft top roofs.

1 year ceramic paint protection coating can be added to this package for £100. Cannot do anymore than 1 year coatings on this single day package due to the curing times needed for the other coatings. 

This is booked for a full day and will require a early drop off at the studio.

Price from £175 which offers fantastic value for money.

Paint correction/machine polishing packages


Swirls and scratches in vehicle paint is very common and are the results of washing poorly over a period of time or simply washing the vehicle incorrectly using cheap car washes and automated car washes. 

These can be removed by carefully selecting the correct polishing pad and compound system researched by a certified detailer, this is where we come in. These packages are multi day packages that require a lot of meticulous machine work. 



Single stage paint enhancement  £280 - £340


An introduction into paint correction. A single stage paint enhancement normally takes around 2 days and generally will remove light swirling, wash marring and light scratches and return a lot of paint gloss. This is generally our most popular correction package and will make a large improvement to most vehicles including brand new cars that don't seem to leave the showroom in the condition you would expect.


This is a great introduction into paint correction work and will give highly improved finish to your vehicles paintwork. In general this service will give around 50 - 60% correction to an average condition vehicle.


2 stage minor paint correction  £400 - £450


A 2 stage minor correction involves 2 various stages of machining, one being the cutting process removing the majority of paint defects including swirls, light scratches, wash marring and any oxidation. 2nd process is the refining stage to pull out the high gloss in the paintwork giving the jewelled paintwork look.


If your vehicle is your pride and joy and want to give the best possible appearance or if you have recently purchased a vehicle that has been treated poorly by previous owners in cheap car washes this is the package to give a very high quality appearance. This is generally our most popular correction package as it gives true deep gloss and clarity ! This package can take 3-4 days dependant on vehicle size and will give around 80%+ defect removal to an average condition vehicle but sometimes results can be much higher than this. 

3 stage major paint correction  £600+

Are you a perfectionist? Chasing the absolute best finish possible? 3 stage correction is chasing the absolute best finish possible for a car that might of had a hard time in cheap car washes and poorly cared for for a long period of time. This package will achieve the best possible finish achievable without repainting the car which can come at a huge cost.


Multi stages of machining involved with this package using a large variety of pads, compounds and machines to pull out best possible that can be achieved which will give a better than showroom finish chasing 100% correction. This can take up to 5+ days to complete.



Ceramic coatings are available to apply after correction work to help protect this work in the best possible way and get the absolute best gloss available. Outline of prices for ceramic coatings below but please click the IGL coatings tab below for further information on these coatings

IGL poly ecocoat -  1 year protection coating £125

IGL Quartz - 2 year protection coating £175

IGL Quartz+ - 3 year protection coating £275

IGL Kenzo - 5 year protection coating £400

Prestige Signature Detail

The absolute pinnacle. The ultimate goal with this package is to take detailing skills, experience and protection to the furthest possible outcome that can be reached over the entire vehicle and then every single surface that can be protected will have the best coatings on the market applied including all paintwork, trims, wheels, components, calipers, exhaust, leather and fabrics and glass. Grills,lights even sometimes even door handles also removed if any hindrance to achieve the ultimate standards. Almost an entire week (vehicle dependant sometimes longer) will be dedicated to your vehicle.


It is important that the vehicle is put through a thorough examination process to determine the condition and get a good idea of the work necessary to achieve the 'Prestige Signature Detail' standards. It is the ultimate package for any show car/ classic car or just somebody that wants to be driving around in a vehicle that is detailed and protected to the absolute best finish achievable inside and out! .


This package also includes a ‘vlog’ style video put together over the week and published on Youtube and Facebook documenting the process involved and showcasing the transformation to the vehicle.

The price for this package can vary dependant on vehicle size, age and condition but expect this be in region of £1500+